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Couplers & Joiners

The Scaffold Tool & Training Company has an extensive range of scaffold couplers, scaffold joiners, scaffold clamps and scaffold fittings. All fittings must be embossed or engraved with a manufacturers mark, name or relevant standard.

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$23 for 1m, $30 for 1.5m, $39 for 2m & $58 for 3m. Upright components that stand up in the corners of the bay and supports the ledgers and transoms




1.2m, distributes load from the planks across to standards down to the ground or supporting structure.



Tie Bar

1.2m, used to tie hop ups together to prevent spreading and stops planks dislodging or sliding out the frong.



End Brace

Also known as transverse brace or dog leg brace



Ladder Access Transom

1.2m, ladder access transom enable aluminium ladders to be placed withing a scaffold by



Steel Boards

$23 for 1.2m, $36 fro 2.4m. Steel boards sit inside the scaffolding bay with each end sitting on the corresponding transom providing a working platform


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Results 21 - 26 of 26