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Couplers & Joiners

The Scaffold Tool & Training Company has an extensive range of scaffold couplers, scaffold joiners, scaffold clamps and scaffold fittings. All fittings must be embossed or engraved with a manufacturers mark, name or relevant standard.

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Grasper Repair Kit

To repair graspers on braces, each kit consists of: 1 spring, 1 split pin, 1 washer & 1 L-pin.



90° Coupler

Also known as 90's, doubles or right angle couplers (RAC), 90's have a SWL of 630kg



Swivel Coupler

Used to fix braces to scaffolding. Designed to fit 48mm tube



Putlog Coupler

Also known as singles, pigs ears or pork chops.



Putlog Blade

For single pole scaffold



Mills Hook

Can be used as a putlog coupler or to retain wooden kickboards or the ladder



Quick Stage Toe Board Clip

For steel boards. Clamps to the standard with a wedge to hold the toe board vertically.



Toe Board Clip - Wooden Boards

Used to retain wooden kick boards.



Beam Clamps

Also known as a girder clamp, beamies or gravlocks



Internal Joiner

Used to join tube vertically or horizontally.



External Joiner

Used to join tube vertically or horizontally.



Hoarding Coupler

Used to attach plywood hoarding (sheeting) to the scaffold



Steel Screwjack

Provides adjustment to level your scaffold systems



Butterfly Clip

Butterfly Clip is another type of putlog coupler.



Double C Clip

For joining standards side-by-side (back to back)



Soleboards (Sole Plates)

Helps distribute the load from the scaffold to the supporting surface.




1.2m, also known as toe boards. Must extend a min of 150mm above the platform



Hop Up/Platform Brackets

450mm, provides additional platform between the scaffold and work surface.



Longitudinal Braces

2.1m. Also known as face brace, fits onto the long side of the scaffold bay




$16.00 for 1.2m, $23 for 2.4m, wedge type heavy duty ledgers used to space standards and stop planks from sliding out


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Results 1 - 20 of 26